Preparing Your Items



Consignors tag and set the price of all their own items. Instructions on how to tag your items are provided below. With each consignor tagging their items the same way, it continues to be an organized, easy-to-shop consignment sale.

We appreciate your attention to detail as you prepare your items. The better they look, the better they sell! Please take time to wash and iron your clothes if necessary. Please check for stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, etc. We will be double checking at the sale and will not accept any item that is not in good condition.


You must use safety pins on all clothing items. No stick pins, OUCH or clothes pins. 


Nothing under $2.  It may be necessary to pin two items together to make the item worth $2 or more.


Whole Dollar amounts only. NO Cents.


Think "KID-PROOF" when you package and assemble your items for sale. Be sure all parts to an outfit or toy are securely attached. Use tape, plastic bags, etc. so your toys and games stay all together. When you use plastic bags to keep all parts together and added security is to tape the top of the plastic bag. Kids will touch and play with everything!  Please SECURELY ATTACH your tags!  Many parts get lost from their item thus making it less appealing to purchase.

We will be screening very closely as this maintains the quality of the sale. We reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell or are too old for safety reasons. It is often easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise, and we want you as a purchaser to have confidence that you are buying the best at What Grows Around Comes Around.


Because every item will be checked in during drop-off please allow time for this and to assist in hanging and placing the items in their appropriate sections on the sales floor. Any unacceptable items will be sent home with the consignor. Please don't be offended if we ask you to take home some items.


We want our shoppers to know that they are getting quality items! We are not a rummage sale.


All Clothing

  • All clothing items need to be on a hanger!
  • Hang with the hanger pointing left like a "?".
  • Be sure all items are attached to the hanger securely!
  • Tags must be attached to the upper RIGHT front of garments with a SAFETY PIN. Attaching the tags here makes it easy for the shoppers to find as they peruse through the racks.
  • NO straight pins! OUCH! or clothes pins.  ONLY SAFETY PINS
  • Wire hangers work best for safety pinning. Wire hangers can be purchased at any dry cleaners. Some stores will just give you hangers free if you just ask. Child sized plastic coated wire hangers can be purchased at discount stores. Hangers will sell with the clothing, you will not get them back. This saves large amounts of time at the registers.


Sets - Please do not group items together if they are not the same size.

  • Be sure sets are pinned together securely.
  • Tie two or more hangers together - plastic zip ties work best.
  • Unopened clothing may be hung on a hanger in the bag.
  • It helps to write how many pieces are in the set in the description section of the  tag. 
  • When hanging an outfit that includes pants or skirt (2 pc), hang the pants or skirt with the top so that they can both be easily seen. Shoppers do not want to buy clothing that they cannot see.
  • When hanging sets, hang the top and then safety pin the waistband of the pants to the shoulders of the top. Include the hanger in the safety pin so the pants do not pull on the shirt.
  • All clothing items must be on hangers! Do NOT use zippered plastic bags for clothing.
  • For items that have matching accessories (hats, booties, etc.): Either pin the item to the hanging garment securely or place the item(s) in a zippered plastic bag and securely pin the bag to the hanging item. Please take special precautions to ensure these items do not come loose from the hanger. Strong hanging places are at the shoulders so you can include the hanger in the safety pin or on collars, under sleeve seam, zipper tabs, waistband of pants, etc.
  • If you have items you want to sell together you have two options: hang one on the hanger and safety pin the shoulders of the others to the one on the hanger with the safety pins grasping the hanger as well, OR put each item on its own hanger and zip-tie/rubber-band the hangers together.

Pants, skirts and other "bottoms"

  • Bottoms need to be hung by the waist band to the top of the hanger and they will not slide easily to one side. NOT folded over, as they tend to end up on the floor.
  • Please do not jam a hanger in a pair of pants. It will ruin the pants and they will look terrible.
  • Large safety pins work best for pinning pants on hanger as they go through the pants, around the hanger and back to the front of the pants. Plastic pants hangers / skirt hangers are acceptable but be advised that they can fall off more easily.


  • Please bring only gently used CLEAN shoes that are in excellent condition. Shoes that show any signs of wear just do not sell. We will be displaying shoes by size.
  • zip tie, pin laces together, or use elastic through an eyelet of each shoe and tie together. Tape tag securely to shoes usually with packaging tape over the zip-tie or elastic.
  • snow boots and fancy shoes sell well.

Toys and Books

  • Tags should be securely taped, SAFETY Pinned or zip-tied. Please tape the tag to the outside of the plastic bags AT OR ABOVE THE DOTTED LINE on the tag. Please do not cover the bottom half of the tag with tape - we will need to TEAR it off at the register.
  • Please make certain that all pieces of a toy item are securely together and that your toy is complete. You may use packaging tape, zippered plastic bags, clear plastic containers, etc. but please make sure that all the items are secure.
  • Packaging tape over the zipper area secures the contents of the bag and is recommended.
  • Attach the tag securely by taping to the outside of the bag using packaging tape. Tape above the dotted line of your tag.
  • If the toy requires batteries, they should be included and the toy has to work. We will be testing ALL toys. Books can be placed in zippered plastic bags. The bag's contents should be thoroughly described on the tag. Packaging tape over the zipper area secures the contents of the bag and is recommended.
  • TOYS NOT PACKAGED APPROPRIATELY WILL BE TURNED AWAY. When tagging large items it is best to also attach a piece of masking tape to the toy with your consignor number and price. This will enable us to sell your item even if the tag comes off!

Sporting Goods

  • Sporting gear sells well, as mentioned before. Please price appropriately. If there are balls that go with an item, put in zippered plastic bags and tape together with clear packaging tape. As with all shoes, cleats and sporting shoes, they must be in good condition and clean.


  • It is BEST to bring your bedding in a clear bedding bag, like what bedding is purchased in. This allows the shoppers to easily see the bedding without needing to take it out. It also keeps smaller items like pillowcases and bedskirts with the bedding.If you do not have a bedding bag, an alternative that we highly recommend are the new XL and XXL sized zippered plastic bags. Taping the zipper of the bag keeps the items in the bag secure.
  • Neat stacks of bedding can also be bundled together with yarn or ribbons tied in both directions.
  • Make sure the tag lists all items that are included.
  • Blankets and small receiving blankets, bibs, burp cloths (group 2 or 3 together) sell well in a zippered plastic bag and seal the zipper with clear plastic tape. Tape the tag outside the bag with packaging tape and above the dotted line on your tag. It also works well to safety pin a few of these items together so the buyer can see all of the items.


  • Must be clean and free of stickers, crayon marks, etc. It must be Assembled. Other loose parts can be attached in ziplock bags. Securely tape or zip-tie your consignor tag to your item. In case the tag gets torn off, painting tape your consignor number and your price to the underside or inconspicuous place on your item.



Maternity Pants

  • Please pin pants by waist band to the hanger.  Don't fold over the hanger.  They will sell better hung up by the waist band as they can be seen better.

Preparing Loose Items

  • Safety pin or tape tag to zippered plastic bag. Rattles, bows, hair bobbles, etc, group together appropriately in Zippered plastic bags. Seal with clear packing tape. Pin OR tape tag on the outside of the zippered plastic bag. It also helps to write your consignor number and price on the zippered plastic bags with a Sharpe in case the tag comes off.

Preparing Large Items

  • On large items simply tape the tag to the item for easy viewing and removal. If the item includes extra parts please make note of them in the item's description.
  • RECOMMENDED: Place painting tape with your consignor number and price underneath each large item in addition to the Consignor tag (which is placed in plain view). This helps identify your item in case the Consignor tag is lost. Please DO NOT duplicate Consignor tag on an item as this is confusing at check out.

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