WGACA develops and buys the advertising for the sale.  To help offset the cost of multi-media adversiting, security, facility rental and other expenses; there is an $12 consignor fee that is subtracted from your consignor check. Advertisng the sale helps draw consignors and shoppers to the largest consignment sale in Sioux Falls!  Increasing the advertising of the sale over the years has really paid off!


WGACA coordinates all the advertising:

  • internet
    • website
    • email distribution lists
    • facebook
    • news and sale promotional sites. (ie craigs list)
  • newspapers
  • radio
  • billboards
  • road signs
  • television
  • distribution of printed flyers to local child type businnesses and organizations


However, the best advertising is WORD OF MOUTH!!!
To help promote your sale even further we have put together a poster and postcards for you to help spread the word to your family, friends and co-workers.

Click the .pdf files below to download, print, and distribute the posters and postcards.

Fall 2019 Poster
Adobe Acrobat document [341.3 KB]
Fall 2019 Postcards
Adobe Acrobat document [506.8 KB]

If there are other venues to advertise that
you think would help promote YOUR sale,
please let us know!

In partnership with Sanford Children's Hospital We Proudly support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

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