Volunteer Duties

All Volunteers

  • Relax and have fun.
  • You may place your valuables in Volunteer area.
  • Find and put on an apron and your name tag.
  • Make a walk around the sale to get to know the layout.

Sale Set-Up

  • Set-up the racks and signage. (see map on location)
  • Set-up 12 check-in tables.
  • Assemble and place block signs on tables and floor.
  • Hang size dividers on racks.
  • Organize consignor pre-shop tickets.

Consignor Drop-Off

  • Help Check-in and sort through Items.
  • If they want their unsold items returned they must leave a tub.
  • Go through everything no matter how long it takes.
  • Ask yourself, “Would I buy this item?”
  • Be sure tags are secure and filled out properly.
  • Everything must be clean and in good working order.
  • Direct and help consignors place items in correct order on the floor. If tems are in the wrong location shoppers will not find them.
  • Electronic items over $50 must be viewed by Alison.
  • Send any un-qualified items home with the consignor.
  • Consignor’s may clean\repair and return the item(s).

Consignor Drop-Off - What to Look For

  • Clothing
    • Everything must be on hangers to the left to make a question mark. ?
    • Be sure all buttons, zippers, snaps, ties are present and work.
    • NO STAINS, little wear and tear.
    • Tags must be safety pinned to the upper right hand corner of the item. No straight pins! OUCH!!
    • No socks or underwear are accepted.
  • Furniture
    • All items must be assembled and be in good working order.
    • Check for expiration dates on car seats and cribs. They must be less than 5 years old.
  • Toys
    • All items must have all parts securely attached. Kid Proof!
    • Items must have working batteries.
    • No VHS tapes or R rated videos.
    • Stuffed animals must do something.
  • Food
    • Only Unopened and unexpired baby formula accepted.
    • No breast pumps.

Sale-Volunteer/Consignor/Public/½ Price

  • Registers
    • Tear consignor tags at dotted line and place each customers tickets in a plastic container.
    • Clothes are bagged with the hangers.
    • Bag all items.
    • Include next sale date flier in bag or hand to shopper.
  • Floor
    • Re-sort, re-straighten, re-organize, re-hang items on tables and racks.
    • Assist customers: Show them to the hold tables if necessary; attach sold signs; label their items with name, phone number and time of pickup for later retrieval. We cannot keep things past 6:00p.
    • Watch “hold” tables, re-hang abandoned or unmarked items.
    • Security.

Sale Clean-Up

  • Double check to be sure we know which consignors want their items donated and which want their items returned.
  • Organize, by number, consignors bins out in the gym.
  • Hang consignor numbers who wish to donate their items on the wall over the donation section.
  • Sort remaining inventory into “consignors numbered tubs” or “charitable” donation section.
  • Take down all signs to be used for the next sale.
  • Un-assemble racks.

Relax and have fun!!!

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